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Buy PPE Kits, Disposable Surgical Gown, Display Infrared Thermometer etc., made in strictest compliance with the requirements of the modern healthcare industry.

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Many places might be spared judgement for their poorly controlled hygiene standards. However, lack of hygiene can never be considered pardonable in hospital settings where observance of optimum hygiene is a prerequisite. No hospital or nursing home can support the health and well-being of patients without use of good quality gears, equipment and instruments. Knowing this well, we, Abhayraj International Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., forayed into the domain of selling products for the healthcare sector to minimize risk of being affected by virus, bacteria and a host of infectious diseases. Our line of Hospital PPE Kit, Safety Medical Gown, Digital Display Infrared Thermometer, etc., are favoured for their excellent quality conforming to international standards. As a trusted manufacturer, we also make available disposable and reusable Face Masks that mitigate risks of community transmission of diseases like Covid 19. Everything we offer is carefully made and customized with absolutely no compromise on quality.
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Our line of Hospital PPE Kit, Safety Medical Gown, Digital Display Infrared Themometer, etc.
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Our product range comprising Personal cate products, PPE Kits, Medical Gowns, etc.

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Partnerships are driven by many factors with quality of products being just one of those many factors. Our business thrives on quality but we also go miles nurturing each client relationship through the following measures that we adopt:

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With a huge product variety on offer, we are certain that we can meet all your safety needs.

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No business goals can be attained if an organization fails to recruit and retain talent.

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We not only remain sensitive towards the needs of our employees but show equal sensitivity towards the environment.
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